‘Gangster Squad’ Finds Its Cops & Robbers In Penn, Gosling & Brolin

Ryan GoslingWarner Bros. has been trying to make Gangster Squad for a while now, shopping it around to many different directors over the last few months. Eventually the studio settled on Zombieland‘s Ruben Fleischer and now they have entered negotiations for the cast. For the main gangster Mickey Cohen, they’ve approached Sean Penn. For the two cops assigned to bring him down we have Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin. That’s some serious talent lined up right there. Brolin and Gosling, besides being incredibly gifted actors, will definitely bring the ladies to the theater. And somehow Penn has managed to land Scarlett Johannson so apparently he can still woo some women. Not to mention the fact that the studio has been pushing this script for a while, so it should be a great movie regardless of the cast.

Luckily I see through their ruse. Employing talented and attractive men (and Sean Penn) to be in their well written movie; smart move. Let’s see if it catches on with other studios.

Source: Deadline