Gary Oldman Drops a Little ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Intel


Gary Oldman Dark Knight RisesWe’re being fed bread crumbs as Christopher Nolan and friends inch toward the start of production on The Dark Knight Rises and if you’re anything like us, every little bit of intel is exciting. We now know that Anne Hathaway will bring Catwoman into play and that Tom Hardy will lend his handsomeness to Bane, but we still don’t know who the main pain in Batman’s ass will be. Yes, we’ve heard rumors about Joseph Gordon-Levitt possibly playing the main baddie, but it’s still shrouded in so much secrecy. In a recent interview that was supposed to be about Red Riding Hood, Gary Oldman relinquished a few details about the top-secret script that he’s not even been allowed to see even though he’s in the movie.

Oldman tells E!, “I think it’s a villain from one of the old, old, from way back from the old comics…It is a Batman villian… It’s not going to be the Joker.” Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Catwoman is off the table as the main villain, because she actually fits that description. She showed up back in 1940 in Batman #1, so she’s definitely from “way back from the old comics” and she’s definitely not the Joker, but at the same time that would be way too easy. Besides, Nolan’s past choices show us that while he likes to play along with Batman history, he likes to keep it all in the realm of the unexpected. While Catwoman fits this bill, it seems that the choice would be too much of an obvious one for Nolan. Fanboys have been whispering about the possibility of Hugo Strange being Nolan’s next supervillian and he actually fits this bill to a T, so maybe they’re onto something. He first appeared long before the Joker and Catwoman ever fought the Batman and his characteristics are somewhat of a thinking man’s villain; he’s got an I.Q. of 195 (evil genius), he’s a master of psychology, and he’s trained in hand-to-hand combat. He’s kind of right up Nolan’s alley.

Obviously, we can’t really know until we really know, but with this little nugget of info from Oldman, I’m putting my money on Strange.

Source: E!