Ra Rum Pum

Ta Ra Rum Pum (2007)

Rated: None Runtime: 156 minutes Release date: 04/26/2007
Rajveer Singh is a pit-crew worker in a racing team with a passion for driving who gets discovered by a team manager, Harry. The same day he accidentally meets a music student, Radhika, who he falls for instantly. He gets drafted into 'Speeding Saddles'--a failing race team and transforms from Rajveer Singh to "RV"--the race car driver. While his racing career takes off instantly, his love life...

Taew Tae Teen Raberd (2009)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 04/01/2009
A formerly all girls Catholic school has opened to boys, and one of the teachers, Tookie, wants to start a boys' football team. The school has just enough students who were born male to fill the 16-member squad, but seven of them are transvestites.

Take Down (1977)

Rated: PG Runtime: 107 minutes Release date: 12/31/1977
Ed Branish is a high school teacher who is very reluctant about taking the job of coaching the school's wrestling team that is known for losing. Ed does take the job and soon decides that the team needs a star player to lift their spirits and boost their enthusiasm. Student Nick Kilvitus is as reluctant to join the team as Ed was to coach it, but changes his mind when his successes make him...
Talent for the Game

Talent for the Game (1991)

Rated: PG Runtime: 91 minutes Release date: 04/25/1991
A baseball scout searches for a talented pitcher in the farm leagues to bring up to the majors.
Tall Story

Tall Story (1960)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 91 minutes Release date: 03/30/1960
A co-ed is so smitten with the college's star basketball player that she does everything to be near him to get him to fall for her, but things get complicated when he has to pass a major exam in order to play in the big game against the visting Russian team.
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)

Rated: PG 13 Runtime: 110 minutes Release date: 08/03/2006
Ricky Bobby has always dreamed of driving fast--real fast--like his father, Reese Bobby, who left the family to pursue his racing dreams. Early on, Ricky's mother, Lucy Bobby worried that her boy was also destined to end up as a professional daredevil on wheels. Ricky enters the racing arena as a "jackman" for slovenly driver Terry Cheveaux and accidentally gets his big break behind the wheel when...

Tangerine Dream (2005)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 66 minutes Release date: 09/16/2005
This story is about the origins of Teton Gravity Research, outlaw athletes and the ragged lifestyle that has kept this posse's dream and way of life alive. The movement is stronger than ever with Nobis accomplishing the impossible in Alaska, the Olenicks taking their park skills to Alaska, Jeremy Jones straight-lining 50-degree spine walls, Sage fusing style and big mountain and Dana Flahr...

Tap Heat (2003)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 14 minutes Release date: 11/29/2003

Tapia (2012)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 81 minutes Release date: 11/29/2012
Five-time world champion boxer Johnny Tapia's unprecedented success was overshadowed by a volatile drug addiction brought on by the brutal rape and murder of his mother at the young age of 8 years old. Here, we take an intimate look at Tapia's public struggles as we trace his rise to one of the most legendary fighters of our time, in and out of the ring.
Dir: Eddie Alcazar
With: N/A

Tapped Out (2014)

Rated: N/A Runtime: N/A Release date: 04/16/2014
An unemployed, ball-busted man's life is turned upside down when he accidentally punches and knocks out an Ultimate Fighting Champion and is challenged to one round in the octagon-shaped ring.
Dir: N/A
With: N/A

Tatanka (2011)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 99 minutes Release date: 05/05/2011
Based on the life of Clemente Russo, an Olympic heavyweight boxer who grew up in the Neapolitan mob heartland, where boxing is an alternative to a life of crime. While serving 8 years in prison for robbing a warehouse, he continues his training in jail, the Camorra (Mafia) never far behind. Once released he is trapped, falls in to bare-knuckle fights for money, crime and disillusionment. He...

Taynna tarmoa (2009)

Rated: N/A Runtime: 75 minutes Release date: 04/30/2009
In the small town of Porvoon Tarmo, the basketball team's new management decides to renovate the entire team during the summer and fall of 2006. Due to an enticement of a potentially hefty budget (which turns out to be non-existent), they bring twelve non-domestic players to try out for the team, seven of whom stay on the roster until the final playoff game of the season. Things devolve quickly...
Dir: Oskari Pastila
With: N/A
Teen Patti

Teen Patti (2010)

Rated: None Runtime: 140 minutes Release date: 02/25/2010
Perci Trachtenberg, a widely regarded mathematician, meets Venkat, a reclusive math genius from India, at a high rolling casino in London. Venkat tells Perci of an equation that could change the dialogue on mathematics forever--he has cracked a Teen Patti, a poker theory that could redefine the principles of probability and randomness. Venkat tests his theory with the help of his colleague...