Off Jackson Avenue

Off Jackson Avenue (2009)

Rated: None Runtime: 79 minutes Release date: 07/16/2009
Set in New York, three lives intersect when a young Mexican woman is tricked into sex-slavery by an Albanian pimp and is desperate to find a way out, a Japanese hit man in town to do a job for the Chinese mob finds himself haunted by the ghost of his recently deceased mother, and a local car thief goes on a steal-a-thon in the hopes of raising enough capital to buy a tire store and go legit.

Off the Hook (2001)

Rated: None Runtime: 108 minutes Release date: 07/05/2001
South Bronx denizens Walter Velasquez and Lorenzo Lewis have formed a rap group called POS-NEG are and about to cut their first album. Walter attends a local college and coaches children in sports in Manhattan, while Lorenzo is unemployed and hangs out with local thugs. When Walter confronts Lorenzo demanding to know how he supports himself, Lorenzo dodges his questions, leading Walter to believe...
On the Outs

On the Outs (2005)

Rated: None Runtime: 81 minutes Release date: 07/12/2005
The lives of three New Jersey girls from the same Latino neighborhood intersect in prison: Oz is a tough seventeen-year-old tomboy who commands respect on the streets, even though she is conflicted about her chosen profession--dealing drugs; Suzette is a fifteen-year-old who gets knocked up by a smooth-talking hustler, a fact she must keep hidden from her mother, a domestic worker desperate to...
Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos

Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos (2006)

Rated: PG 13 Runtime: 97 minutes Release date: 07/06/2006
The true story of the team that brought Brazilian star Pele to the U.S. It shows the Cosmos' ascent set against the decadent, crime-ridden backdrop of 1970s New York, as well as its decline along with the North American Soccer League in the early 1980s.
Once Upon a Time In the Midlands

Once Upon a Time In the Midlands (2003)

Rated: R Runtime: 100 minutes Release date: 08/28/2003
Dek, a decent but somewhat dull man, enjoys a happy existence with beloved girlfriend Shirley. They live together with her 12-year-old, Marlene--her daughter by the sexy but delinquent Jimmy, who flew the coop years ago and hasn't been heard from since. Dek loves Shirley, so much, that he proposes to her on national television. Jimmy sees the TV proposal and returns to town convinced that he can...
One Hour Photo

One Hour Photo (2002)

Rated: R Runtime: 95 minutes Release date: 08/20/2002
Sy Parrish is a lonely photo technician at the local SavMart one-hour photo counter who develops an unsettling obsession with long time customers the Yorkin family, with whom he invents a familial connection.