George Clooney Avoids Museum of Sex Field Trip with the Coens

Tilda and George are at it again…but this time they’re doin’ it with the Coens–and very curiously, indeed.

In the new buzz comedy Burn After Reading, the former Michael Clayton frosty adversaries now take on a different type of tension as a couple, all caught up in illicit-affair-land. But this time the proceedings may prove even more risky as she’s the wife of boozed-up C.I.A. man, who’s just been booted from his job.

From the look of things George Clooney‘s serial lothario Harry Pfarrer and Tilda Swinton‘s go-getter Katie Cox appear to make strange bedfellows. But in a Coen brothers film, isn’t that the point?


Speaking of which, in a recent interview, helmer Joel Coen talked about the inspiration for the contraption that Clooney‘s Harry–a federal marshal–creates as a ‘gift’ for his wife: “There were two inspirations for the machine. One was a machine that’s in the Museum of Sex in New York City,” reports WENN.

Coen adds, “We actually said to George, ‘We’ll show you the machine, if you want to see it,’ and George said, ‘That’s all I need…to be seen coming out of the Museum of Sex with you guys!'”

George, we get it–we’re even printing a story about you not going into the Museum. Oy, the press! Good thing, besides being the ‘suavest’ man in town, you can laugh at the silliness of it all. 

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