George Clooney Honored by Hollywood Stars

Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney was toasted by a host of fellow stars when he received the 2006 American Cinematheque Award in Beverly Hills on Friday.

The lavish event, which was held to raise money for filmmaking charity American Cinematique, was attended by director Oliver Stone and actors Julia Roberts, Christian Slater, Salma Hayek, Geoffrey Rush and Lindsay Lohan.

They paid tribute to the 45-year-old, whose film credits include Good Night, And Good Luck, Syriana and Ocean’s Eleven.

Slater said, “There’s no man probably more worthy of getting some awards.

“He’s a great artist, great director, and a phenomenal humanitarian. I think he serves as a great example to other actors, myself included.”

Clooney said of the event: “Basically, what it is, really, is a bunch of your friends who are gonna roast the hell out of you.

“But when it’s done, you’re raising money to help American Cinematheque, which actually does some great things.”

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