George Clooney to Star in Terrorist Film?

George Clooney is reportedly set to star in a forthcoming movie about Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda.

Clooney is said to be eager to appear in the anti-war Iraq film after his production company, Smokehouse, bought the rights to Jonathan Mahler’s book “The Challenge,” the story of Salim Hamdan, Osama bin Laden’s Yemeni driver, who is charged in the first US war-crimes trial since World War II.

According to reports, Clooney will play the role of Charles Swift, a U.S. Navy officer who helped bring Hamdan’s case to the Supreme Court and won a pre-trial decision to ensure that even terrorists are covered by the Geneva Convention, a series of treaties which protects the human rights of prisoners of war.

Just last month, Hamdan was cleared of terrorism conspiracy charges, sparking outrage in the U.S. after the jury of military officers conceded that he was “a really naive, simple guy who doesn’t know the first thing about jihad and was just tagging along for the job”.

According to reports, Clooney is planning to spend an estimated $30 million on the project.

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