Get an Inside Tip from the ‘Margin Call’ Poster

The financial meltdown is the kind of thing no one entirely understands, but everyone is quite up in arms about. So, that’s probably how Margin Call will be, too. The trailer is definitely gripping, but there are times when you’ll wonder exactly what is going on. Or maybe that’s just me.

Humble but ambitious young go-getter Zachary Quinto, working at a very, very large corporation, inherits a zip drive from a recently fired coworker (a disgruntled Stanley Tucci). The contents of this file, while… not completely comprehensible… seem to be able to take down the entire company. Now, movies have conditioned me to understand that big business is bad. So, in that vein, Quinto and his associates in the actions to come (a woolen Kevin Spacey, for one) must be the good guys. Right?

Here’s the thing… it seems as though the movie is suggesting that they’re responsible for an imminent economic collapse. So… bad guys? It’s hard to tell. But I can be sure that Jeremy Irons, a corporate bigwig, is evil. How do I know this? Three words: voice of Scar.