Get In on the Inside ‘Trek’

Now that they’ve released the new Star Trek trailer, I’m here to give those fans salivating for the movie’s release just a little more.

I, a self-proclaimed Trekkie, was one of the lucky few (hundred) press peeps, who sat in the main theater on the Paramount lot Wednesday and watched an hour-long sneak peek of the upcoming Star Trek . This included viewing four clips from the film, which were all introduced by the man behind the camera, director J.J. Abrams.

Bounding up on stage — and looking about 12 years-old — Abrams was excited to be working with Paramount. “My dream in life is to make movies,” he started and then went on to gush about the studio, where his father used to work. Kiss butt much, J.J.? Oh, it’s OK. He had every right to be excited about making such an iconic prequel, even if he admitted he wasn’t originally a Star Trek follower.

Before premiering the clips, Abrams also introduced a few of the cast members sitting among us press, including: Chris Pine as the hot-headed James T. Kirk; Zachary Quinto as the level-headed Spock (or so we think); John Cho as the sword-weilding Sulu; and Bruce Greenwood as the veteran Starfleet Capt. Pike. Abrams praised all of them, especially Pine who “had some pretty big shoes to fill. And couldn’t fall back on the pointy ears like the other guy.”

Then finally, we watched the scenes:

Clip #1: Introduces a young Kirk, flirting with the lovely Uhura (Zoe Saldana) at a bar and then getting into a fight. We also meet Pike and get a little back story on Kirk’s dad (he was a Starfleet captain, too).

Clip #2: We meet Karl Urban as the over-reactive Leonard “Bones” McCoy and Quinto as Spock, who clearly disdains his future BFF. Meanwhile, young James T. is trying to convince Capt. Pike that he is leading the Enterprise into a Romulan trap. Tension builds.

Clip #3: Having been kicked off the Enterprise by young Spock, Kirk ends up meeting the future Spock (played by who else? Leonard Nimoy). Details are a little fuzzy on how that all happens, but the scene also introduces Montgomery Scott (the hilarious Simon Pegg). The future of “beaming up” is born.

Clip #4: An adrenaline-filled action sequence that definitely lets us know what we are in for with this prequel. Cho’s Sulu gets to kick some major ass, while he and Kirk to do a freefall to beat all freefalls.

I have to say, this Star Trek looks pretty amazing and should fulfill every Trekkie’s wish for more space exploration — and then some. It just sucks we have to wait until May 8, 2009 to see the film in its entirety.

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