Get Political In First Teaser Video For ‘The First Purge’

We all know the basic concept of the purge. One day a year for 24 hours all crimes, including murder, are legal. It’s up to you to survive the night.

The first film brought us into one family trying to survive the night. The Purge Anarchy followed two different groups trying to survive the night in Los Angeles. The Purge: Election year took us on a journey of someone who was supposed to protect the US presidential candidate. We knew there would be a new Purge film, but what could be covered next?

According to the title and this teaser, how this whole thing got started. Releasing last night during the State of the Union address, ‘The First Purge’ will follow the events of the first purge ever. Traditions have to be started somehow, and this is one that I am certainly interested in finding out whose bright idea it was to make crimes legal. If teaser release, this video, and release date of the film says anything, this film will be very political.

and oh so very bloody.


‘The First Purge’ releases July 4, 2018.