‘Ghost Rider 2’ Trailer Amps Up the Nic Cage Insanity


Ghost Rider, a stunt driver who sold his soul to the devil as a teenager and spends a good portion of his time as a motorcycle-driving, bad guy-beating, flaming skull dude. A hard character to turn into a bore, but the 2007 movie adaptation of the Marvel comic hero managed to do just that. Even with Nicolas Cage’s own manic superpowers, Ghost Rider went out with a puff of smoke.

Despite the so-so response, the movie managed to make enough money to set a sequel into motion. Good news: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance appears to have heard the call of fans and turned the entire concept on its head.

The first trailer for the movie, directed by Crank duo Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, is exactly what you’d expect from the stylistic, adrenaline-obsessed filmmakers. Nic Cage is back, this time teaming up with Idris Elba to take down…The Devil. Seriously, Ghost Rider vs. the Prince of Darkness. It’s as insane as it sounds.

In this short tease of footage, we see Ghost Rider speeding around on his flaming bike, grabbing thugs with his chain and barfing fire all over the place. Clearly not for anyone with a heart condition.

Check it out below or in HD at Apple, then get a glimpse at the first poster from the movie!

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