Giant Ape, Wolf, and Dwayne Johnson in ‘Rampage’ Trailer


‘Rampage’ was a classic video game in 1986 where giant monsters destroyed buildings and fought each other. It was a simpler time and we didn’t need to know why we just raged.

Now the classic game will be going to the big screen.

The story follows Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) and George a silverback gorilla. Davis and George have an amazing bond until one day when something fell from the sky and dramatically grew. He teamed up with a scientist (Naomie Harris) who tries to help the two and explain Genetic Editing.  A scientist (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) lets them know of the other case. A hunter named Burke (Joe Manganiello) was hunting a giant wolf (named Ralph in the game). The two would find their way to civilization during transport and George and Ralph would battle and destroy buildings just like the game.

Don’t worry, Lizzie the giant lizard finds her way into the trailer as well.


‘Rampage’ releases April 20, 2018.

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