Gina Carano and Michael Fassbender Duke it Out in Captivating New ‘Haywire’ Trailer

Haywire is an anomaly. When the last trailer came out, I realized how odd it was that I was so drawn to this movie, considering no particular fascination with the action genre. I assumed that my interest in Haywire would wane overtime, figuring that I was just temporarily hypnotized by Gina Carano’s martial ability, or the unwavering charisma of Michael Fassbender. But the more Haywire I see, the more haywire I go. The new trailer heightens my intrigue even more: opening with a delicate symphony as Carano and Fassbender walk, in dark innocence, down a hotel hallway…and then erupting into a cacophonous fight scene, of which Carano is quite the victor.

And it all seems captivating and beautiful, exciting and thoughtful. It’s not simply a revenge story, it’s a revenge story with a cloying question: Carano’s character, a deadly assassin, is betrayed by her employing government. But she does not know why. I think the inherent self-doubt, identity crises, bouts of paranoia and fractures of loyalty here are what is drawing me to Haywire. Any movie can have someone wronged set out on the road for justice. But to Carano’s lead, the transgression cuts deeper than bruises: everything she was is no more. And she cannot get it back. It’s going to be fun, adrenal, brutal, and heavy on the visuals. But beneath all that, it seems like quite an interesting story.

You can watch the trailer over at Entertainment Weekly.