‘Glee’ Star Chris Colfer Wrote and Will Star In New Film

Chris ColferDoe-eyed Chris Colfer of Glee fame (you may recognize him as Kurt) is adding another notch on his resume. He’s already known as a talented singer and dancer; he recently revealed that he is, in fact, a secret ninja; and now he’s going to add Hollywood screenwriter to that quickly growing list.

The star is only 20 years old, hasn’t even finished college yet, and already he’s paired up with director David Permut (Youth in Revolt) to bring his “indie coming-of-age comedy” to theaters. Struck By Lightning will star Colfer and begins shooting when Glee starts its summer break from filming. Permut assures us the film will have a John Hughes feel to it, but that’s a bit of a tall order. While I hope Colfer succeeds, I’d be wary of making those kinds of claims; not everything can be like The Breakfast Club.

Source: Variety, New York Magazine