Go Behind The Scenes of ‘Monster Trucks’


Tripp (Till) is a high school senior who was born in a small town. He’s ready to get out and has built his own car from scraps. After an accident at a nearby oil rig happened, it brought a creature out of hiding. The creature has taken over Tripp’s truck and they become friends, when Tripp names him Creech. With the help of Meredith (Levy), Tripp has to protect his new monster friend and it’s family from the government.

Creech is a cute truck, but it can be tough to work with something that isn’t actually there. ‘Monster Trucks’ uses practical effects with Compute Generated Imagery, and some real explosions. In the above Behind The Scenes Lucas Till talks about how cool it was to live out his childhood dreams, Jane Levy discusses how perfectly designed Creech is, Danny Glover praises the special effects team, and Thomas Lennon tells us about one of the real explosions in the film.


Monster Trucks releases this Friday, January 13, 2017.