Go Behind The Scenes Of The Trilogy Ending ‘Glass’

The Eastrail 177 Trilogy was a huge undertaking.

The first in the now trilogy was in 2000 with Unbreakable. We wouldn’t get a sequel until 2016 with the surprise some-what twist ending of ‘Split’. The sequel was a secret to mostly everyone, including some of the actors. M. Knight Shyamalan wrote the sequel and made Split without not knowing if the actors of Unbreakable would sign on as well as the ones from ‘Split’. They might have said sure I’ll do it, but without signing on the dotted lines of a contract who knows what would happen. Luckily for Shyamalan they agreed, and here we are.

In the above Behind the Scenes interview, Producer Jordan Blum talks about the risk of creating a script that needs people to sign on, Samuel L. Jackson is glad that people have some closure to Unbreakable, James McAvoy dives into why his many characters are so difficult to play, Sarah Paulson goes into the question of is anyone truly good or evil, Anya Taylor-Joy is just happy to see the talent, Spencer Treat Clark returning as Joseph Dunn goes into what fans can expect for the finale, and M. Knight Shyamalan discusses creating his first true sequel as well as how to get people to relate to superheroes.


‘Glass’ releases January 18, 2019.