Go Behind The Voices of ‘Cars 3’


The ‘Cars’ franchise has gone everywhere. In the first Cars film, Lightning McQueen (Wilson) had to take a step back and go to Radiator Springs so he could meet friends and family. In the second there was a crazy different story of Mater becoming a spy…it was weird. Now Lightning is older and there are new faster cars. Lightning has to change how he trains so he can try to compete, or retire before his fame has passed.

In the above interview you can go into the recording booth and find out what it’s like to film for ‘Cars 3’ First, director of the first two Cars films, as well as Executive Producer for this one John Lasseter, tells us why he loves this franchise, Armie Hammer talks about how his character gets under Lightning McQueen’s skin (or paint job in this case),  Nathan Fillion explains why his character wants Lightning to retire before it’s too late, Cristela Alonzo speaks on why Lightning has to change the way he trains as well as why humans can relate, and Owen Wilson talks about digging deep inside to try to still be the best.


Find out if Lightning still has what it takes in ‘Cars 3’ when it releases June 16, 2017.