Our Favorite Parts of the New ‘Godzilla’ Trailer

Now this is the Godzilla we’ve been waiting for. It’s a bit sad that many 20-somethings’ only experience with the Godzilla franchise is the incredibly dopey Roland Emmerich version that came prepackaged with a P. Diddy (then Puff Diddy) theme song. The Japanese monster movie import hasn’t received the treatment it deserves in the states, but Gareth Edwards is looking to change that with the release of his upcoming Godzilla reboot. The newest, visually striking trailer gives us faith that this may very well be the Godzilla movie for the ages. Here are the things in the newest trailer that have us feverishly counting down the days till May.

Bryan Cranston’s Acting
Is that Walter White I hear? Bryan Cranston is clearly pulling out all the stops for his performance in this new movie, and it’s nice to see that everyone’s taking this new version of Godzilla seriously, which is nice given how goofy the first American version was.

The Government Coverup
Everyone loves a good government conspiracy, and Godzilla seems to be full of big governments behaving badly. Apparently the powers that be knew about the monster for over half a decade, and tried to nuke it out of existence in the ’50s, which explains all of those mid-century nuclear tests. Conspiracy theorists are probably having a field day right now. It looks like things aren’t going to be so black and white in the Godzilla reboot, and that’s great. Nicely shaded grey areas are what make these types of stories interesting, and Edwards’ Godzilla seems to have those in spades.

Man’s Hubris
During the trailer, Ken Watanabe pontificates on the arrogance of man, and how are iminent death by giant lizard is due to our collective hubris. These themes were present in the Japanese original, and are a welcome sight in the reboot which has promised to return the franchise to it Japanese roots.

Godzilla TrailerGodzilla/YouTube

Keeping Godzilla Obsccured
A scaly foot here. A well-placed cloud of debris there. And a shot of a spike-filled back rising from the sea. The team behind the film is doing a great job of keeping Godzilla just out of focus in the trailers. And the only time we do see the monster, its a shot of him roaring in the far flung distance.We hope that the marketing campaign for this film continues to keep their cards close to their chest, and resists the urge of giving us too good of a look at Godzilla before the film comes out. The first time we want to see Godzilla in all his glory is while sitting in the theater on release day.

The Cinematography
The last Godzilla trailer featured a splendid looking HALO Jump Sequence where soldiers fell through dark windy clouds with trails of red smoke billowing from their suits. That image has come to be a mainstay in the Godzilla marketing campaign, but the film clearly has more than one visual trick up it’s sleeve, and trailer is just chock full of beautiful shots of crumbling city scapes. This is going to be one pretty movie.