Golden Globes 2013 Movie Snubs: Where Is Matthew McConaughey?


matthew mcconaughey golden globes snub

This thursday morning, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association weighed in with their nominations for the Golden Globe awards, naming the best actors and movies of 2012 and shaking up the race to the Oscars.

As always, the group got a lot right, nominating many of the movies that have been critically acclaimed and rising to the top of the pack in other voting groups. Lincoln and Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained led the pack, with surprises like Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and Life of Pi taking coveted slots in Best Picture categories. But there’s always one big question after any round-up of the best of the best: who didn’t make the cut?

Scanning the list, we see one glaring omission: Matthew McConaughey, for his Supporting Actor work in Magic Mike along with equally dazzling (but less awards-friendly) work in Bernie and Killer Joe. After years of wallowing in the hell of romantic comedies (hey, guy has to eat), McConaughey made a major comeback in 2012 with a cunning mix of drama and comedy. It wasn’t just surprising to see the actor strip down to his skivvies as Magic Mike‘s strip club owner — he genuinely lit up the screen with swagger and glowing ambition that hurt the people around him. A great performance that needed a boost from the Golden Globes.

Now we turn it to you. Who are the most egregious snubs of the 2013 Golden Globes? Sound off in the comments and check out our thoughts on this year’s TV snubs.

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