Google Glasses Make Life a Sci-Fi Movie

Google Glasses Well, we’ve already seen the tablets in Minority Report become something like the iPad, and now with Google’s new Project: Glass, you can interact with the world just by looking at it. It’s just like the movies! What’s next? The Back to the Future 2 hover boards?

As you can see from the demonstration below, wearing the glasses lets you do everything from finding the weather and getting directions to locating your friends, video chatting with a pretty girl, and buying tickets to concerts for bands you don’t really care about. Actually, these do seem really cool, but we’re going to have to start learning how to work things with our eyes. And think about all the accidents that are going to occur because someone is wearing them and looked at the wrong thing behind the wheel. With the new convenience come a host of new terrors!

At least they look cute! No one’s quite sure when they will come out, but you will probably be able to buy them before Christmas. Just go get in line at Best Buy now.

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