‘Gossip Girl’ Actor to Play Jeff Buckley in New Film

Penn BadgleyI don’t know much in the way of Gossip Girl, but this guy voiced the hell out of Mario Tennis. Penn Badgley, the privileged-teen soap opera’s “Lonely Boy” with a growing-elitism arc (my sister just gave me a thirty-minute tutorial), has been cast to portray deceased singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley in the upcoming Greetings from Tim Buckley. The film chronicles a period of days preceding his debut at a tribute concert for his musician father. Daniel Algrant will direct.

Those who were fans of Buckley beyond crying to a download of “Hallelujah” when your best friend left for college might find Badgley’s resume a little discouraging. He seems to have stuck pretty adherently to teen-directed comedy/dramas. But to be honest, I’m a fan of his work. I’m just about the only person who has ever seen either Do Over or The Brothers Garcia, and my fourteen year-old self though his performances immaculate in both.

Producer Patrick Milling Smith of Smuggler Films had nothing but positive things to say about Badgley’s audition, stating that in the year the crew spent seeking a star, Badgley was far and beyond the best candidate. And if he’s good enough for Patrick Milling Smith

Source: Deadline