‘Gossip Girl’ Producers Are Prepping a Movie

Gossip Girl Age of InnocenceThe leaders in producing television that’s more addictive than heroin, Gossip Girl duo Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, are at it again. This time, they’ve set their sights on a movie for Paramount. So, what is this promising (to be salacious and sexy) new flick? It’s not based off of the Gossip Girl young adult novels, but instead another best-selling book from that genre: The Luxe. Well isn’t that just dripping with opulence?

In what The Hollywood Reporter calls “The Age of Innocence meets Gossip Girl,” four 19th century teenage New Yorkers navigate the conflicts between old money and new money, which of course means lots of class-based conflicts and outlandish forbidden love stories. Oh and there’s a twist: the producers want to tell this story through music, a la Moulin Rouge. Wow, this just got a little weird, but Schwartz and Savage know drama, so I’m sure we’ll all be hooked. While the movie just can’t grab us the way Schwartz and Savage’s unrelenting series always do (The OC, Chuck, GG), there is a bit of room for an extended story. The author has four books in the series, including The Luxe, so I’m sure Paramount is hoping for at least a sequel or two. Get ready for another set of guilty pleasures, folks.

Source: THR