‘Gotti’ Lands Barry Levinson As Director

Barry LevinsonPhew, those of us who were worried that we would never see John Travolta, Joe Pesci and Lindsay Lohan in a movie together can rest easy. Our game of 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon just got a little easier. Barry Levinson has agreed to direct Gotti: Three Generations.

While original director Nick Cassavetes, who stepped down to complete the indie Yellow (which by the way, seems like an appropriate thing to mention in the initial meetings, “Oh yeah, I’m also contractually obligated to finish this other movie at a time that will conflict with this one. Besides that no problem.” “You’re hired!”), was sure to bring an authentic grittiness to the story, Levinson brings a certain gravitas to the film. Responsible for such high quality motion pictures as Rain Man, Good Morning Vietnam and Bugsy, he’s got the experience and ability to make Gotti a classy production. Or not. This is a Lindsay Lohan mob movie we’re talkin’ about here.

Source: Variety