‘Green Lantern’ Sequel Is On, Will Try a Different Style

The Green LanternConsider this current interim period the eye of the storm between Green Lantern and Green Lantern sequel (working subtitle: The Fellowship of the Ring). For some time now, the story for the second film has been underway, following suit, in terms of style and content, of its predecessor. However, things are being rethought, and there might be a complete retooling of Green Lantern sequel.

Just like Nolan did with the Batmen, Warner Bros. intends to take a new, dark and severe look at this DC Comics superhero. Amping up the brooding-factor  was easy with Bruce Wayne: everything about him screams severity. His backstory literally begins in a dark alley. But Green Lantern sequel will warrant a little more original thought; perhaps even new lore created to suit the mood. Either way, as a sequel is inevitable, it’s definitely far from disheartening to hear that some new ideas will be thrown into the batter. Let’s pray that this pancake is stuffed with a little more substance than the first: perhaps some deft character development? A villain worth contemplating? Thrills? Chills? Automobills?

So, those behind Green Lantern sequel, I beseech you: imbue our hero with strengths and weaknesses alike. Develop a story by which Bill Finger would by inspired. Fulfill the destiny. Make this movie SUPER.

Source: Indiewire