‘Green Lantern’ Sequel Still Happening

pound it soul brotherDespite a modest, modest, modest, box office showing, the Green Lantern sequel that has been in the works for months will still be moving forward. Apparently that’s all you need these days to get a second go around — potentially making your bloated budget back and a 58% on Rotten Tomatoes. Where was this leniency when I was in school?

Anyway, the film currently has $118 million in the bank and that’s worldwide. On a $200 million budget. And that’s not including all the advertising. After two weeks. Should it make back it’s investment, it will be a mirac, but Warner Brothers is looking for a new franchise to prop its fat legs up. After all, Harry Potter’s end is almost upon us and WB is really hoping that Green Lantern will become a stout tent pole. But that seems unlikely and it’ll probably be rebooted within five years. Well, that’s just the way these things work.

Source: Hollywood Reporter