Greengrass Quits ‘Bourne 4’?

Source: The Playlist

Paul Greengrass, who directed two of the Jason Bourne films — including the most recent offering, The Bourne Ultimatum — has walked away from the Bourne 4 project.

There is no firm explanation yet regarding Greengrass’ decision to quit the fourth installment, but there is speculation that a dispute between the director and studio, Universal, over the movie’s script played a part.

Meanwhile, Greengrass is putting the finishing touches on Green Zone, an Iraq War film on which he collaborated once again with Damon and Universal — and a ballooning budget on that movie might’ve also contributed to a strained relationship between Greengrass and Universal.

So, should The Bourne Identity director Doug Liman return to the series for Bourne 4, or should someone new get behind the camera?