‘Gremlins’ Director Joe Dante Bringing Us ‘Monster Love’

Joe DanteJoe Dante, the director of the beloved Gremlins, is set to bring about another monster movie that will undoubtedly change what it means to be rated PG again. Of course, this is also the guy that brought us Looney Tunes: Back in Action, so who knows.

Anyway, Monster Love follows a werewolf boy that falls in love with a vampire gal and their respective families hate each other so they look down on the relationship. Sound familiar? Kinda like Twilight? Or Underworld? Or Romeo and Juliet? Do we really need another star-crossed-lovers story…with fangs? I mean, I trust Dante (a little at least) but holy shit this story has been beaten, stabbed with a wooden stake and shot with a silver bullet more times than Romeo and Juliet has shitty re-imaginings. Which doesn’t really make sense if you think about it too hard, but come on, it’s Friday.

Source: Shock Till You Drop