Watch the ‘Grown Ups 2’ Cast Reveal Their Biggest Fears

Fear: the most primal human emotion. The drive of many a great story, including the newly released comedy Grown Ups 2. The film sees stars Adam Sandler, Kevin James, and David Spade all confronting their various fears — bullies, parenthood, and their own wives, for instance. But the actors themselves have a very different set of entities that plague them. Speaking to Sandler, James, Spade, and their costar Salma Hayek, we learned quite a bit about what makes the Grown Ups 2 cast shiver.

Credit: Columbia Pictures

Touching upon the wacky hijinks of Grown Ups 2‘s suburban setting, we also got to know about the real life hometowns of the stars. How kooky was James’ Long Island upbringing, or Hayek’s small Mexican town? Check out the above video interview to find out, and catch Grown Ups 2 in theaters now.

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