Grumpy Cat Is Getting a Movie (Which Will Undo All of the Lil Bub Movie’s Feel-Good Cheer)

Credit: Tardthegrumpycat.tumblr

The world is divided into two stalwart societies: dog people and cat people. But within the latter group, there exist subsects of equally polarizing nature. On one hand, we have Lil Bub people: the cheerful spirits who celebrate cuteness and root for the underdog. For this folk, Tribeca offered Lil Bub & Friendz, a documentary about the memetic kitten. In stark contrast, we have the Grumpy Cat people: the acerbic misanthropes who draw the shades on summer days and laugh at people who fall down on escalators. And for this community, there will be a new feature film, which Deadline reports is newly in development.

Grumpy Cat will be the focus of a new movie that is drawing comparison to Bill Murray’s Garfield films. The scowling feline, actually named Tardar Sauce, will be anthropomorphized for a comical adventure movie, complete with a spoken voice. But what mere mortal human is capable of embodying the hostility that booms through the veins of this domesticated mouser? And what journey could be truly condusive to the universal enmity felt for all earthly things by this whiskered Nietzche? All we know is, there had better not be some kind of cop-out conclusion where she learns not to be so grumpy after all.

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