Guy Ritchie Offered ‘300’ Prequel ‘Xerxes’

Guy RitchieLet’s check in to see who is having a good day.

Guy Ritchie: Good Day.

Zack Snyder: Not So Good Day.

Why? Well, besides having his next movie officially titled, Ritchie has just been given the chance to direct Xerxes, Warner Bros. 300 prequel that is based on an upcoming graphic novel from creator Frank Miller. Which would mean we’d basically get 300 mixed with Sherlock Holmes starring a big black guy with a deep voice. I’m down.

And why is Mr. Snyder having a Not So Good Day? Well, since he wrote and developed Xerxes, he was a shoe-in to helm the feature. But according to Vulture, things aren’t looking so good for Snyder at his home studio. The source claims that the script for his Superman: Man of Steel reboot (remake, rehash, whatever) isn’t turning out the way WB had hoped and the film must be in production before 2013 to avoid some serious legal and financial issues. This comes on the heels of recent test screenings for his next movie, Sucker Punch, which haven’t gone well at all (surprising considering the film features scantily clad women fighting robots, dragons, ninjas and everything else). On top of all that, his last two films (Watchmen and Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole) underperformed, leaving Warner brass with a bad taste in their mouths.

So yeah, Guy Ritchie: 1. Zack Snyder: 0.

Source: Vulture