Hailee Steinfeld In Talks For Indie ‘Romeo & Juliet’

Hailee SteinfeldHailee Steinfeld looks to make her first post-Oscar nod move one of the Shakespearean variety. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the young actress may take the role of Juliet in an upcoming indie spin on Romeo and Juliet from Italian director Carlo Carlie, best known for the 1992 foreign film Flight of the Innocent. Julian Fellowes (The Tourist) penned the adaptation and will produce alongside Gabriele Muccino (director of Seven Pounds). And for those of you who spent that part of school home “sick” with a “stomach ache,” the story follows two lovers from enemy households which leads to their (spoiler alert) tragic deaths. In theory, it should be a good opportunity to show off more of her incredible 14-year-old talent, but then again, she won’t have the support of guaranteed-to-be-loved-by-the-Academy scenes of Jeff Bridges holding a cigarette and drinking whiskey, so we’ll see what happens.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter