Hailee Steinfeld Nabs Dream Role in ‘Sleeping Beauty’

Hailee SteinfeldIs it weird that I’m jealous of a 14 year old girl? It’s weird. I kind of want to go back in time to when I was 10 playing the Rainbow Fish in the school play and try a little harder so I could grow up to be as awesome as Hailee Steinfeld. Yeah, that’s totally weird, but it’s justified. Things are going really well for the young star. True Grit’s breakout actress is using that momentum to keep her going with another promising role. As fairy tales seem to be taking over Hollywood, it’s only fitting that Steinfeld would find herself attached to Sleeping Beauty. But don’t fret, no one’s planning to waste Steinfeld’s formidable talent (seriously, is she really only 14?) on a retelling of the Disney version. This Sleeping Beauty is darker and more introspective, telling the story from Aurora’s perspective as she fights her way out of the dream world she lands in thanks to fabled curse. They’re still seeking buyers, but with her talent and the current trend it shouldn’t be long before it gets scooped up. And that would be great news because as long as her fantastic performance as Mattie Ross was no fluke — and I suspect it wasn’t — this is just the first of many great opportunities for the (very) young starlet.

Source: Deadline