Haley Joel Osment Cast In ‘Wake The Dead’

haley joel osmentOf the billion Frankenstein movies currently in development, only one has Slash as a producer. And only one has Haley Joel Osment poised to star. Luckily, those are the same film.

Osment signed on to star in Wake The Dead from the former Guns N Roses guitarist and based on the graphic novels of the same name. He’ll play a college student, Victor Franklin (ORIGINAL), who dabbles in waking the dead. Not that this is a complete rip-off of Young Frankenstein, but we do realize that with millions and millions of Frankenstein movies being made there was bound to be some creative overlap. Also, I promise my unending love for anyone who can think of a way to turn this story into “I see dead people” joke without being stupid.

Source: AV Club