Hammer Studios Films Fans Would Love to See Reborn

Droplet by droplet, the morbidly-dubbed “Studio that Dripped Blood” is slowly coming back to life. Hammer Studios – the legendary British film company responsible for a graveyard of ghoulish delights in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s – has announced that a Woman in Black sequel (titled Woman in Black: Angel of Death) has begun filming. The flick is yet another step forward for the once-defunct House of Horror, having risen from the dead in 2007 to release Let Me In (2010), The Resident (2011) and The Woman In Black (2012). Still, for any true Hammer fan – while new films are cool and all – there awaits a whole host of characters and properties just dying for a comeback in modern retellings, particularly if coupled with that splatter of that old Hammer magic.


If 91-year-old Christopher Lee can unleash heavy metal albums and still appear in films, he can still don the cape – even in a small role. A fierce, blood-thirsty vampire series is what this generation needs. No love interest or wimpy waif lead need apply.

Christopher Lee, Dracula


The Curse of Frankenstein

American film fans used to a lumbering lummox and little else owe it to themselves to investigate the Hammer series (seven in all) where Herr Doctor is the true star, and new undead atrocities await each installment.

Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires

Karate action meets the undead? Winner! While the original (a coupling of Hammer and the Shaw Brothers Studio) failed to do much box office, today’s climate seems right for this reworking, especially in light of The Rock getting ready to battle demons.

Dennis Wheatley adaptations

Either When the Devil Rides Out or To the Devil a Daughter could make for a good retelling. Wheatley’s tales are crackin’ good on their own – let alone that modern CG techniques could only improve the dated supernatural elements.

One Million Years B.C.

Okay, well not even close to scary, Hammer is also known for its output of cavegirl movies (including the forementioned “One Million Years B.C.” that put Raquel Welch in a fur bikini. Nuff said). Take a host of today’s hottest stars, drag out the animals skins and let’s have one more fake dinosaur fight, shall we? Who’s in!?