Happily, Even After | 2003

Drama, Fantasy
An ad executive in San Francisco hires a fairy godmother to look after her aimless brother whom she has been struggling to care for since their parents died eight years earlier.


... Gavin


... Jake


... Katie



Since their parents' death, Jake and Elizabeth Singer have become dysfunctional siblings. Jake is a self-absorbed, directionless young man, but Elizabeth thinks she knows what's best for him and tries to get him a new car, a new job and a new life. Jake sees these as superficial trappings; he's more attached to his parents' old house and his beloved truck, Wondergirl. Enter Katie, a waitress with a mysterious past who seems to see things more clearly than they do. She becomes an unexpected presence in Jake's life, forcing him to make some changes. Without Jake's future to worry about, Elizabeth must now confront her own.