Harrelson, Foster And More Set For Moverman’s ‘Rampart’

ALT TEXTOren Moverman is starting to feel the success of The Messenger.

Everyone in Hollywood seems to want a piece in the writer/director’s next project, Rampart. Already starring his Oscar-nominated Messenger actor Woody Harrelson and co-star Ben Foster, the cast now also features the likes of Anne Heche, Sigourney Weaver, Robin Wright, Steve Buscemi, and Cynthia Nixon. Whoa!

The film is set in Los Angeles and tells the story of a veteran police officer (Harrelson) who gets caught up in a scandal and searches for redemption. Rampart will start filming on October 25.

Harrelson already proved that he’s successful under the direction of Moverman with his brilliant turn in The Messenger. But, we’re curious to see how the rest of the roster will do. Will Weaver finally get that Oscar she’s lacking? Will Buscemi actually get recognized for his talent, versus always being that one guy who’s always in movies and is really good? Eh, maybe, but I’ve got no doubt that it’ll  be a fine film.

Source: Variety