‘Harry Potter’ Reclaims Top Box Office Spot!

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099165H1.jpgNotable Monday Box Office news: ‘Black Swan’ earns a huge $210K in just 18 locations for a per-theatre average of $11,706. 

First Place – Warner Bros.’ ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1′ – Mr. Potter gets his revenge with a first place finish on Monday after losing the weekend to Miss Rapunzel in ‘Tangled.  $1.138 million on Monday in 4,125 theatres with a domestic total approaching $250 million.

Second Place – Disney’s ‘Tangled’ –  $1.050 million in 3,603 theatres for Monday gives this PG-rated family favorite a strong second place finish and after 13 days of release the 3-D animated re-telling of Rapunzel has a domestic total of $97.64 million.

Third Place – Sony’s ‘Burlesque’ – Cher and Christina dance their way into the third spot with $522,099 for Monday and after 13 days in theatres the film has a domestic total of $27.5 million.

Daily Box Office Top 12 Movies for Monday, December 6, 2010:

Movie Title Monday Gross

Theatres Per-Theatre Average Domestic Total
1. Harry Potter 7

$1.1M 4,125 $276 $245.6M
2. Tangled

$1.0M 3,603 $291 $97.6M
3. Burlesque

$522k 3,037 $172 $27.5M
4. Love and Other Drugs

$440k 2,458 $179 $23.0M
5. Unstoppable $384k 3,152 $122 $69.1M
6. Faster

$328k 2,470

$133 $18.5M
7. Due Date $317k 2,450 $130 $91.2M
8. The Warrior’s Way $257k 1,622 $159 $3.3M
9. Megamind

$245k 3,173

$77 $136.8M
10. Black Swan

$210k 18

$11,706 $1.6M
11. The Next Three Days

$208k 2,236

$93 $18.5M
12. 127 Hours

$142k 433 $328 $6.7M

*Monday daily box office numbers provided by Hollywood.com Box Office

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