Has ‘Odd Thomas’ Found His Girlfriend In Addison Timlin?

Addison TimlinI’ll be honest, I have no idea who Addison Timlin is nor have I seen any of her work before. We all have missing pieces in our pop culture diet (I still haven’t seen The Wire) and it’s not really our fault. It’s just that as a society we produce a LOT of pop culture entertainment and it’s impossible for one person consume it all. The sheer massive quantity means there is a lot of great stuff out there that you can spend your life discovering. The bad thing is that sometimes things slip through the cracks.

Like the entire career of Addison Timlin.

Now, Timlin is in talks to join the cast of Odd Thomas as the main character’s girlfriend, which we have reported on before. She seems smart, definitely cute (read: willing to get naked), and has been getting fairly constant work so she must be somewhat talented. But I had no idea who she was. When researching for this article I had the startling discovery that I had absolutely nothing I could possibly say about her. Normally I’m able to find at least something I can recognize for any given celebrity, but Tomlin? Nada. Never got into Law & Order (my parents are in law, so I got enough of that at the dinner table), Cashmere Mafia (this is real?), or Derailed (missed it, forgot about it). I’ve been meaning to get into Californication, but I have a lot of other Showtime series to get through before that.

It was a strange feeling to be reminded that no matter how much TV I watch, no matter how many movies I sit through, I will never be able to see it all and that I shouldn’t waste my time on trivial trash when so much greatness is out there. So thank you Addison Timlin for reminding a wannabe-Pop Culture guru that he doesn’t know everything nor could he ever hope to do such a silly thing. And all you had to do was fall through the cracks.

Source: Variety