Has Paris, Like, Gone Indie?

Socialite-turned-thespian Paris Hilton could be serious about this acting thing after all.

The ex-jailbird/unwitting porn star has shocked the movie world by signing on to work with independent filmmaker Todd Solondz — or perhaps it’s Solondz who has shocked the movie world with said hiring.

Hilton will join slightly more respected actors Allison Janney and Charlotte Rampling for the untitled project that, according to the Hollywood Reporter, is being described as “part-sequel, part-variation” on Solondz’s hugely controversial dark comedy Happiness, released in 1998 to much indie buzz and fanfare.

Paris is currently starring in the horror musical Repo! The Genetic Opera, which looks like Citizen Kane next to some of her other work — namely House of Wax and 2008’s worst movie so far, The Hottie and the Nottie.

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