Hathaway and Sturgess Get Together For ‘One Day’

Jim SturgessSource: Coming Soon

An Education director Lone Scherfig will be following up her best picture nominee with the romantic comedy One Day, and she’s got Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess lined up to lead the film. In a conversation with Coming Soon, producer Nina Jacobson spilled the beans. Here’s exactly what she had to say:

“That is supposed to go this summer in London with Lone Scherfig directing and Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess,” she said, adding that the deals aren’t closed but that the two stars are both attached. “Their deals are being negotiated right now.”

The movie will follow the long-term relationship between Dexter and Emma, two friends who meet during their graduation in 1988 and reunite for one day every year for the next 20. With talent like that involved, this is one rom-com that can transcend the genre and pull some healthy profits as well.