Hathaway Confirms Her ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Character As Catwoman

When we first heard that Anne Hathaway had been cast as Selina Kyle in the highly anticipated Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, we all assumed she would be Catwoman, but those who know the story know that Catwoman starts out as the regular woman Selina Kyle before she turns down the dark, catty road. If we look back to Batman Returns, we saw Michelle Pfieffer portray the creation of Catwoman while simultaneously showing her interactions with Bruce Wayne and it was possible, since the film has other villains (like Tom Hardy’s Bane) attached that Hathaway’s role wouldn’t yet require her to don the leather and claws. However, in this post-Oscars interview, we see Hathaway describing waiting to hear back about her role as an Oscar host and as the dangerous feline-inspired villain confirming that the catsuit will be making an appearance in the next Batman adventure.

Source: Oprah.com