Hear The Cast Discuss the Creepiness In ‘A Cure For Wellness’


‘A Cure For Wellness’ Director Gore Verbinski also directed The Ring, but hasn’t done much horror since (unless you count The Lone Ranger)

The film follows Lockhart (DeHaan) a young upstart ready to climb the company ladder. The company’s CEO went to a spa and never returned. They decide to send him out to Sweden so he can bring him back. Lockhart fails and when he goes to leave Hannah (Mia Goth) tells him no one leaves the clinic. He gets in an accident and Dr Volmer (Jason Isaacs) suggests he stay and relax. Lockhart is then stuck there, unable to leave, and something sinister seems to be going on.

in the above interview, Mia Goth talks about how her and Dane’s character start to question everything after they meet, Jason Isaacs says how every aspect of the film contributed to the dread of the film, and
Dane DeHaan discusses being inside the isolation tank as well as his character predicament.


A Cure For Wellness releases this Friday, February 17, 2017.