‘Hellraiser’ Remake Finds It’s Writer & Director

PinheadOk, I’ll admit it. I was a wuss as a kid. I couldn’t stand horror movies and never rode the haunted rides at the town fair. Even today I’m weary of going into horror movies, and what passes as horror these days is hardly scary. I was worried about seeing Disturbia, I kid you not. Yes, I know. But perhaps the scariest thing I can remember as a kid was this mask of a dude with pins in his head. I knew it was from a movie that I would not ever see it. Ever.

Then I got word that Dimension Films chose a pair of creative shepherds for its Hellraiser remake. “That’s odd,” I thought to myself in a British accent. “I’ve never heard of that movie for some reason. Let me google it really quick and.. OH MY GOD NOT THAT MOVIE! AHHH!” Needless to say it caused quite a ruckus in the office.

Anyway, Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer will be handling the remake as director and writer, respectively. Lussier, an editor turned director, most recently released My Bloody Valentine 3D, which was met with decent reviews and turned in moderate box office. His latest film is the extremely awesome looking Drive Angry 3D. Farmer is a frequent collaborator of Lussier’s (he wrote both of Lussier’s films in addition to The Messengers and Jason X). While I am happy these two gentlemen are remaking a beloved horror franchise for a new audience, I will not be going to see it for the sake of my sanity.

Though I will say the original has one of the best opening lines on Wikipedia: “…a 1987 horror film exploring themes of sadomasochism and morality under duress and fear.” Sounds lovely.

Source: Shock Till You Drop