Here’s The New Amazing ‘Avengers Infinity War’ Trailer


This is a trailer you’re going to watch again.

The first ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ had its problems. Mostly Thanos looking weak and not wearing a helmet. All that changed with the second trailer. This trailer has everything. More stars than ever before plenty of action and comedy, a meme-worthy conversation between Star-lord and IronMan. The number of heroes working together could have only happened in a kids bedroom with toys, now they’re all coming together for one hell of a battle.

Whats more is the story feels just epic. That felt lacking in the previous Avengers, this film seems final. Someone will die it feels and it might be one of the big names in the franchise (that’s probably my biggest gripe with Marvel is that no one important dies).

All of this could end at the snap of a finger (High 5 if you get my reference).


‘Avengers: Infinity War’ releases April 27, 2018.

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