‘Heroes’ Star Milo Ventimiglia Nabs Lead in ‘Static’

Milo VentimigliaIt’s been a while since Heroes took its final breath, but fans of the now-defunct show can take heart! One of the show’s most attractive stars, Milo Ventimiglia (or Jess if you’re a Gilmore Girls kid), has landed a lead role in the upcoming 3D thriller, Static. In one of the most vague synopses ever, we find that Static is a supernatural thriller that finds a young couple, Ventimiglia and The L Word’s Sarah Shahi, dealing with the loss of a child and teetering on the brink of divorce until a young stranger comes along and changes everything. Well, that’s not really telling us much, but we’ll reserve the judgment for when we know more.

The really interesting bit here is that Static is actually the feature film directorial debut for music video director, Todd Levin, and the budget is below $1 million. Yeah, I know right? It’s a 3D movie that’s supposed to thrill you, made for under a million bucks. It sounds absurd, but apparently they’ve found a cheaper way to create 3D thanks to a special rig designed to hold two 3D cameras and this will apparently cut costs. As will using actors whose stars are just a bit smaller, like Ventimiglia and Shahi.

While there’s not much intel on the film itself, it will definitely be interesting to see how far Levin gets on such a modest budget.

Source: The Wrap