‘Hidalgo’ Scribe John Fusco To Pen ‘Day Of War’

John FuscoKing David is about to get gritty and gangster.

GiantKiller Pictures’ just hired Hidalgo’s screenwriter, John Fusco, to pen the biblical actioner Day of War based on the Cliff Graham Lion of War series. Set before David became King David and after David knocked off Goliath (which means the production company’s name is particularly apt), the series “is an effort to capture the sights, smells, and sounds of the ancient Biblical battlefield” according to Graham.

“(Fusco’s) proven track record with historical epics, action-adventure and ensemble storytelling makes him the perfect screenwriter for Day of War” said Grant Curtis (he of Spiderman producing fame) who is handling the producing duties for GiantKillers. And while this is the company’s first production, they are hoping to turn it into a franchise with the other novels in the series.

While this sounds a little like 300 meets The Ten Commandments (“THIS! IS! THE WORD OF GOD!” *lights the tablets on fire*), this could be a huge hit. The Bible is packed with more action and adventure than people tend to remember from their Sunday School lessons. But trying to capture the “smell” of the times? Let’s just leave that one to the imagination. Baths were invented for a reason, people.

Also, David’s “lethal outcast” army is nicknamed “The Mighty Men.” I understand this name might have been around for a couple thousands of years now, but I can’t decide if it reminds me more of Robin Hood’s Merry Men or a certain 90’s children’s show. Either way, not good. If they really want to connect with modern audiences (and keep the name around for the next couple thousand years) they should update the name to something like XtremePwners11.

Source: Hollywood Reporter