Hide the Kids and Check Out These Must-Watch NC-17 Movies Streaming on Netflix Now

DescentCity Lights Pictures via Everett Collection

Watching an NC-17 movie has a very strange effect on the psyche. First off, you feel beyond bad ass. Chances are you’ve been watching R-rated movies for a while now, but the first time you saw a NC-17 rating you probably didn’t even know what it was. And if you asked your mom, there’s a good chance she rushed you away from that big sign in the movie theatre so you guys could go watch Pleasantville. Well, you’re all grown up now, and while there’s nothing against Pleasantville (great flick actually), there’s nothing quite like putting the kids to bed, turning on Netflix, tip-toeing back to the kids’ room to make sure they’re really asleep this time, going back to Netflix and picking a big, bad NC-17 flick. Here are a few you should definitely check out. And remember 1.) Kids to bed, 2.) turn on Netflix, 3.) double back to kids’ room and confirm Zzzzs, 4.) pick one:

Bad Lieutenant

Harvey Keitel plays a coke-sniffing, gambling lieutenant (you know, the bad kind) who works to solve a nun’s rape case. I’m not going to tell you what she was assaulted with, or what Keitel’s body looks like in the nude, but suffice it to say, this movie really works hard to earn its rating.


Disclaimer: Descent is considered by some to be the worst movie… ever. But doesn’t that kind of make you want to see it more? Rosario Dawson plays a college student who goes on a revenge rampage like no other after being assaulted.

Inside Deep Throat

Yes! A documentary with a NC-17 rating! Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato take us inside one of the highest grossing movies in film history, Deep Throat. The original 1972 pornographic flick (starring Linda Lovelace) introduced the world to porno chic and nothing’s been quite the same since then.