Hilary Swank Takes A Load Of ‘Shrapnel’

hilary swankHilary Swank is one of the few actresses to win two Oscars for Best Actress—but sometimes the critical respect of your peers isn’t enough. Sometimes you just want to lead a solar rebellion on Venus against an oppressive galactic government.

Hey, worked for Sigourney Weaver.

Swank is set to tackle sci-fi actioning in the adaptation of the comic book Shrapnel. The film is being set up by Radical Pictures and Swank will produce as well. While no director has been set, Swank has been looking for a strong female led action film to star in and more power to her. The last sort of sci-fi movie she did was The Core and this sounds a thousand times better than that polished turd. Sounds good to me.

Shrapnel is also being described as a sci-fi western and we all know how well that turns out, right Browncoats?

Source: Variety