Hints That Will Smith Will Release a New Rap for ‘Men In...

Hints That Will Smith Will Release a New Rap for ‘Men In Black 3’

Will Smith
Will Smith on the 3D movie set filming 'Men In Black III'. New York City, NY. 04-07-2011


Men In BlackTo all of those who have just about given up hope, submitting to the dejected travesty that has become of this put-upon world as a fatal inevitability and a culminating spiral that will drag with it into the black vortex of infinitum the anthroporphic vermin that has become of the human race, hang on just a while longer. There is hope.

Will Smith

is going to rap again.

Hip hop producer “Mars” Edwards (not to be confused with Edward Mars) has hinted that with the release of Men In Black 3, as Smith did with the first two installments in the series, he will be releasing a new song with the movie as the central theme. This is the sort of news that would bring together dueling nations. Admittedly, the second movie’s “Nod Ya Head” was only marginally life-affirming. But the original Men In Black theme song is a godly score capable of tilting global axes, igniting pedigree stone into frenzious flame, and instilling a compound faith in the world, humanity and the value of one’s own spirit in those long committed to nihilism.

In case you’ve forgotten about the splendor that was aforesaid symphony of triumph, feast your souls on this:

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