The Dwarves Make a Workout Video In Latest ‘Hobbit’ Production Diary

There’s been a lot of Hobbit talk lately, what with the trailer for Desolation of Smaug being released and Peter Jackson saying goodbye to our favorite cast members. And now there’s more exciting news: the first production diary of 2013 is here!

Credit: Youtube

Jackson released video blogs throughout the first leg of filming for The Hobbit, and now he’s back with another (which is good, because Desolation of Smaug will not be at Comic-Con this year). The video shows all kinds of shenanigans. A makeup guy puts poo on Sylvester McCoy’s face, Orlando Bloom wears a doo-rag and has an intimate moment with fake horse, the dwarves make a workout video, and more! 

So don’t waste another minute. Watch the video. Behold the glory that is dwarvicise.

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